Saturday, January 10, 2009

Perfect. Just perfect.

The Gosby House (this is the one I'm talking about) from

I'm OK just in case you're all wondering. I went to Lisa's class this morning and it killed me, but once again at least I "kept going". Really though I get embarrassed when I'm gasping so hard for breath it sounds like I'm sobbing. But hey, I kept going.

What I really wanted to talk about is my perfect day. June at Bye Bye Pie just did a
post where she described her perfect day and, except for the wine, it would have been pretty close to mine.

Here's what mine would be.
I'd wake up in that big yellow bed and breakfast right on cannery row in Monterey, and they'd bring me a big raspberry blueberry smoothie in bed. I'd roll over and kiss Jeff for a while, and then he'd go off and do his thing for a few hours so I wouldn't have to worry about him. I'd roll back over and read the latest Jane Austin book, because she'd write a new one for me.

I'd have to go for a long jog on the trail there, because the weather would be sunny with a light breeze, just perfect for running. Jeff would show up and we'd go snorkeling in front of Hopkins so we could play hide and seek with the seals and no one would hassle us. We'd also see an octopus, some otters, and a whale (because why not?). I wouldn't have a panic attack seeing the breakers. Then we'd lay on the beach and soak up some sun, and the resident cats would come cuddle with me. Jeff would have packed a picnic lunch with french bread, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh avocados, some cool smoked cheese, and ginger beer (no it doesn't get you drunk shush.), and chocolate chip cookies.

For dinner, the bed and breakfast would have prepared a big room with lots of squishy chairs and a big fireplace with a roaring fire, and a great buffet, which I won't detail, just really good, beautiful food, and all my friends and family are there, and they are all happy, and I don't need to worry about any of them, because they are all doing fine, and they all have good jobs, and no one is sick, and no one's feelings are hurt, and they all love the food, and we've all just read Jane Austin's latest book (that she wrote for me), and we all share opinions on it, and our minds are all opened, and we all learn something new in the stimulating conversation, but basically we all agree that it was brilliant and touching, and then we all get tired, and just push the furniture out of the way, and all get big fluffy comforters and pillows, and fall asleep together with the fire going out on the hearth.


Deja said...

That is a lovely day. Made me want to cry.

belann said...

Visions of the celestial. Do you suppose that could happen on earth?

Jacobson Five said...

Wouldn't that be great. Sure beats the boring Monday I'm experiencing.

Pretty Organizer said...

Oh all my days are like that! Except well, the bishop says I should stop thinking about Jeff! Hahaha!

Sounds great. You could just air drop me over Hawaii and I'd figure the rest of the day out from there... oh, and drop the chocolate with me too (so I can spread it all over those pineapples and mangoes I'd find!

Kristy said...

Thanks for taking me out of reality for a moment Amara. I thoroughly enjoyed your perfect day!