Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cooking again

(BHG photo)
I guess I need to post, it's been forever! Nothing seems super exciting now after all the Christmas hoopla, but I did schedule some lunches out with friends, a dinner party, and a game night, and (most importantly) I'm starting to cook again! My poor family the last couple of months has been suffering with quickie meals and pizza most nights.

Over Christmas break we went to Jeff's parents' house for a couple of days and like usual it was heaven. His mom just takes care of me and "be's the mom" you know? I love it when someone else "be's the mom" for a while. I get tired. Anyway, I started pasting all the new recipe clippings I've collected in the last couple of years (I know. You should see how out of date my family picture scrapbooks are.) into my recipe scrapbooks, and I got all inspiredish.

Anyway this week we had Mol`e chicken (I can't figure out how to put the accent mark over the letter! I didn't want you to think I was serving moles...), and Meditteranean strip steaks with feta, avocados and grilled lemons, and we'll have gnocchi with butternut squash, and greek salads, and a vegetable casserole made with polenta, and lions and tigers and bears oh my! Anyway, I'm excited about food again.

Here's the link for the steaks tonight, I crumbled the feta, avocados, lemon zest, and oregano together though, and added chopped grape tomatoes. Jeff loved it (and he's not a big feta fan, and doesn't like avocados usually).


Pretty Organizer said...

Okay, so while I'm writing... I can hear my kids running out of their beds. The baby just got a toddler bed and we all pay dearly for that great decision. Shouldn't they all have cages until 10? No one is in their bed, my house is a disaster... no clean spoons... because I being my brilliant self thought I'd rearrange the kids rooms. Moved 6 kiddos stuff and it looks like we just moved in.

ANYWAY... I know that I'm going to get caught by the photo police and slapped with a bloggy fine because I'm a terrible photo creditor. Blue kitchen is from House Beautiful. Aqua stuff is from HGTV (I think) and other photos are from a cabinet company... who shall remain nameless because that's how they are in my brain!

Before and after pics will be up eventually. I have to get this baby finished before May when temps reach a whopping 100+ degrees here. However, the project will be put off til fall if the hubby decides to expand the laundry room! Priorities. I just threaten that I'm going to attempt one gosh awful disaster project after another until he starts the laundry room... Hope he gets inspired and I get a few things done!.. since he'll be home by mid-Feb!

Kira said...

Sounds great. That is why I like to go to Vernal. Lee's Mom gets offended if I help her cook... I wouldn't want her to get offended, that is for sure. I even cooked tonight. I guess tis the season.

Deja said...

Yummy yum. I don't think the link for the steaks actually exists. Did I miss it? I want the steaks. I think I'm hungry.

Amara said...

Sorry, it was there, I just didn't change the color of the text.

belann said...

Food sounds great. Sorry you hve to cook when you come to this moms, but you do it so well.

Jacobson Five said...

Good for you for cooking again, I don't think I will get there till April, I am all about quick and easy these days. As a matter of fact I did what I didn't think I could do, I turned down a catering job.