Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everything is hurty.

Can I be honest? I'm dying right now. OK, not really dying, don't freak out. But the holidays really did a number on me. I ate crap food all day many many days. We had a whole neighborhood of treats brought right to our front door. I also missed almost three weeks of workouts, and now everything seems SO HARD!

After every class it seems like I just want to lay down on the floor and cry I'm so tired and hurty. Why is it that you can take care of yourself for months, and undo all your progress in a couple of weeks? All my weightlifting levels that I worked so hard to build up to are back down to what I was at almost a year ago (It takes me a long time to move up in weights --I'm basically a chicken wimp).

Jeff tells me there's "muscle memory", that it's easier to rebuild muscle than build it for the first time, and he'd better be right, because I'm pretty discouraged. But then, it makes me think of my new favorite Winston Churchill quote: "If you're going through hell, keep going." I guess that's how I got through Billy Blanks Camp. I never thought I could do all of that in one day, but I did right? It's going to be OK right? Maybe I'm sick? OK, thanks for listening to me whine. It's going to be OK right?


belann said...

You will certainly be back to where you were. Maybe top it. Just takes time.

Deja said...

You're doing great, I say. At least you're GOING. Imagine if you'd eaten crap and missed workouts for MONTHS. It could be worse, trust me.

Hey I finally made a comment on the Bye Bye Pie lady, and she wrote me an EMAIL! I was giddy.

Kira said...

If you want to go back to the sitting on the can and eating crap thing come on over :)

Jacobson Five said...

Well I am screwed after taking a 9 month break from exercise. O-well what do you do.

Summer said...

well, you could be me. I've been informed that there will be no weight bearing on my left foot for 6+ weeks. I thought I would at least be in a walking cast but they wouldn't even put one of those walking things on because they knew I would be tempted to walk.
Can you believe what my muscles will be like in 6 weeks of doing nothing but sitting on the couch?
PS. I hurt really really bad, too.

Summer said...

oops, Summer must have taken over my computer while I have been out of commission for a few days!