Friday, January 23, 2009

Soup and Salad

What's your favorite soup of all time? Do you love a rich beef stew? Do you crave some type of bean concoction? Do you love a pasta bowl? Are you a "creamy"? I had my attention called to that fact around Christmas time - that the "cream of" or "cheese and" soups get eaten first, at least in this part of the country.

I've got a lunch to do for about 50 ladies at the end of the month, and already know I'm going to do my roast chicken and tortellini florentine soup for the "creamy" people, but I'm looking for a couple of other favorites to serve. What's yours? While I'm at it, what's your favorite salad? I do mean SALAD. No jello whip cream crap. No mayo swimming bowl of potatoes or pasta. Like a salad salad. Green stuff and veggie stuff, and something unexpected: chinese noodles? a neat cheese? blueberries? I know you remember one. I'll probably do a simple caesar (for the "creamys" again), but I want a couple more. OK have at it. Links to recipes would be great, or, just put the main ingredients in your comment and I'll figure it out. Thanks for the help!


Kira said...

People do love the creamy ones (especially a chicken pot pie one you forget to put the chicken in). I have a beef stew that is REALLY good it has a thicker sauce, not creamy but just thicker. I also love the zuppa tuscana at Olive Garden (I have a knock off recipe for it) it is sausage, kale, potato and the suace has a little cream in it. As for salad Lee and I like anything with a little sweet in it (I know I know diabetes....argh). I have a merry berry salad that has a wonderful cran dressing you make for it. I have to say the one I get the all time most votes for is the strawberry one (Coscto has pretty good berries right now) it has berries, bacon, candied cashews, red onions and fried wontons. I know desert and a salad. I can give you that one too.

Deja said...

I like Sam's white bean and yukon gold potato soup--the one he made for the party, remember? I made a split pea one that I quite like. Chili? I know chili isn't like, classy. But what about a white chili--have you seen those? With chicken and such?

Salad: Maybe this violates your instructions, but I'm in love with this one that has chickpeas, cucumber, avocado, tomato, balsamic, olive oil, parmesan, basil etc. I usually add chopped fresh spinach and avocados. Mmmm.

Also, for some reason the house salad at Cheesecake Factory just makes me want to lick the bowl. As best I can tell, all they do special is put a ton of grated beets, carrots, and zucchini on the top. That must remind me of mama or something.

Whatever you do, I wish I could be there and taste your masterpieces. I'm sure everything will be both exquisite and tasty.

belann said...

The taco soup Meesha made for the Christmas party was good. I'll send you a link for it if you are interested.