Monday, January 26, 2009

Fog, The lacemaker.

Last night it snowed through a dense fog. I don't know how that was possible, the temperature must have been right at the freezing level, but we drove through it, so I know it was there. Do you know how else I know the fog was there last night? The trees this morning. I know I do a lot of posts on trees, but they were stunning everywhere I looked this morning. Please click on each picture if you would like to see them up close. This small size doesn't do them justice.

Look at these branches flowing down white like a waterfall.

I love these two. So dense with branches and frosty snow, valenciennes couldn't be more elaborate. Sometimes I wonder if lace was created to mimic what people saw outside in winter. A poor substitute for the real thing.

Do you remember the golden tree I highlighted in the fall? Here he is above and below in his majestic winter icing.

Look at this. I love how the evergreens contrast with the deciduous trees, and how you can barely see the mountains through the fog in the background. I just saw this on the side of the highway and had to pull over with my hazards on to take the picture.

You can really see the difference in a tree's character with the snow on the branches. The tree above is dense with crooked, finger-like branching making it look more cozy and motherly. I think it's a fruit tree. The one below is so much more architectural. Firm and stern and straight arrow. Not as comfortable a tree, but fascinating in its own right.

I've been asking myself (and everyone around me for that matter) the last few weeks WHY WHY WHY do we live here in this miserable cold? Well, OK. The frosty trees are one good reason to stay.


Kelli said...

The trees WERE awesome this morning. I looked out my windows to the west and it was so beautiful. I wanted to go out and take some pictures, but then I would had to have gotten up off the couch and gotten dressed or something. So, I didn't. but I did just stare out the window for a while!! I'm glad you posted the pictures.

Deja said...

These are beautiful. Write as many posts about trees as you possibly can. You write so eloquently about them.

Can I steal the title of the post for a poem? I love it.

Anonymous said...

Nice trees. See we comment.

Kira said...

You should frame them.

Pretty Organizer said...

So pretty... if you're sitting by a fireplace with hot cocoa. I love the winterscape. It's one of the wonders that keeps me returning to the cold. Thanks for sharing those pics... quite the photographer you are!

belann said...

They really are beautiful. I think I'm becoming more able to see the beauty in winter every year. (Still miss winter in California on a lot of days though)

tdanderson said...

Amazing! Amara, you have a way at looking at the world and people with such beauty--you always bring out the best in everything and everyone. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Jenifer Pullman said...

Amara; new to your blog via all the buzz about the ladies lunch and all. Found a kindred spirit tree lover. Your photos were amazing...your words absolutely beautiful. Good blogging, girl.