Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oats tweak

I told you all from the beginning I wasn't qualified to make a judgment call on all of these diets. I want to particularly apologize for trying to summarize the paleo diet, while I apparently only described a variation of such.

OK, so here's the idea of the day: Mango with coriander.

I always have a protein powder, spinach smoothie first thing in the morning, but after lifting, eat some whole grain, usually oats or oat bran. I've been dipping a little almond butter into it lately for yum, but after binging last night on pistachios, told myself that was enough nuts for a few days (at least the edible kind!). So today, before lifting, I put dried, chopped mango into a cup of water to soak, and when i came back upstairs, cooked it up with my oats. I added some stevia, then wanted some spice in it, and decided on ground coriander. Only about 1/4 t. does it, and it's a great combo.


Deja said...

Sounds SUPER good.

I'm intrigued you do protein before lifting, not after. I thought protein after helped muscles or something? I wouldn't know. Is it a myth?

Tia and Amara said...

I do eat it after too, but not until an hour later. The first thing you need to do is replace lost glycogen stores in your muscles, and glycogen is carbs. The protein needs to come in there, but not until that glycogen is recovered first.

belann said...

We bought some dried persimmons. Wonder how that would taste. I like this idea.