Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kira's shower -and finally some good salad pictures!

We did my sister's baby shower yesterday, and I got to do my salads for it. Seriously, I was excited because I could get some good pictures. I feel so gypped that I couldn't take my own pictures of the Tae Bo lunch. The table turned out pretty well, except for the bread basket which I think now would have looked a lot better tilted the other direction, but at the time I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Also, the punch was a little sour, especially when you ate one of the scrumptious cupcakes Kira's friend made (which I could NOT get a good picture of ---couldn't do them justice).

Trivia trivia, and I know, so boring, but I wish I'd turned it forward so you could see the bread from the front of the table. Erin made these nice rolls, and it would have been nice to see them.

I thought the jams looked pretty though all in a row

Here's the Mediterranean Antipasto salad with the lemon herb vinaigrette. I love that dressing, I use it every day on my lunch salad. I added chicken slices instead of the pepperoni sausage strips this time, to sort of beef the salad up. I also got so lucky with this Romaine. I brought it home, and was tearing it up, and almost called my produce guy to thank him. It was the crispiest lettuce I've ever seen. It almost seemed frozen. Lovely.

Here's the strawberry salad, but this time we used a spring greens mix, and it was so beautiful! I love the colors! These wonton strips are so naughty though. I came home and ate the rest of them straight (with some sugar). Don't tell anyone, I ate all salads today I promise --to make up for it.

Here's the butter lettuce, cashew, and poached pear salad. Yummy, yummy salad. Love the black raspberry vinaigrette that goes with it too. Perfect balance of sweet and salty, and butter lettuce is always so tender....

A little bonus for me! A girl came to the shower that was in my sister's ward, that served her mission at the same time in the same place as I did: Hermana Kent. She and I had three of the same companions, and I was able to compare notes with her (15 years later --can you believe that?!). Love her. Really down to earth, and funny too. Another coincidence, we talked about one of our common companions, and today my OTHER sister texts me, and tells me she's in HER ward --in CA! ..and she's on facebook. Of course. Anyway, pretty fun shower --sorry for all the obsessive food talk, but let's face it, you knew who I was when you started reading right?


Jacobson Five said...

Looks great, but what else would I expect coming from you.

belann said...

The food was wonderful. Another great success in a long line of successes. You're terrific.

Kelli said...

yummers! I'm glad to see all the pictures and hear all the details. How fun!
I think I'm going to go have salad for lunch!