Sunday, February 15, 2009

How we got together.

I went to BYU. For anyone not familiar with BYU, there happens to be a lot of pressure there to get married. Personally, although I wanted to get married as much as any of my roommates, I was in no hurry to settle down. I was having a lot of fun at school, and dating as much as I possibly could pack into my free hours. However, I never found anyone that I really thought I could be happy with for the long term.

I finished 3 years of school, and served a mission to South America for a year and a half, and was now back at school for my final year. There was a group of friends I was a part of that did everything together. We went on trips, and went to the movies, had parties, and the coming weekend, one of the guys had a condo he could get in St. George with wave runners to play on the lake with. My roommates though, were planning a party up at the reservoir that weekend, and were inviting an old friend of theirs named "Jeff " who they'd talked up quite a bit. As much as I wanted to get on those wave runners, I had a feeling I needed to meet this Jeff guy. I stayed home.

We all went up to the reservoir, and had a good time, although Jeff, even with my obvious flirting, wouldn't give me the time of day. Back at the apartment we all hung out for a while and talked, and I made some comment about Southern California, and how great it was or something. I don't remember what, and Jeff told me afterward he thought "typical CA girl" and I killed my chances with him. To be fair, my roommates were trying to set him up with one of them at the time.

I was disappointed, but not overly so. I kept dating, and would see Jeff at the apartment every once in a while. Towards the end of the year, I had a horrible relationship with someone quite a bit older than me, and got so disgusted, decided to not date for a while. I was also turning in applications for grad school at the time, and my prospects were really good at Texas A&M. It looked like I'd be accepted into a doctoral track right away. Anyway, I was going through the whole graduation thing, my roommates all were moving out, and I got a job on campus that summer in a lab to help cover my expenses until I started grad school. THEN Jeff called.

Since no one lived at my apartment anymore except me, I talked to hem, and he told me some long long story (anyone who knows Jeff knows he has the long storytelling gene from his dad --kind of like how ling THIS story is turning out to be) about a mountain biking trip he'd just been on. The whole time I'm trying to figure out why he's talking to me. Then he asks me out. I figure he just wants to do something with someone, and all of the others are gone.

We totally hit it off. He's got all of these qualities I was looking for, and is really easy to talk to. However, I'd just had that rotten relationship, and was pretty gun shy. After going out quite a bit for a month or so, Jeff needed to have knee surgery, and couldn't drive his manual car for a while. I drove him everywhere, and went to OT with him, etc. This was the first time in college I'd had a car and it was pretty cool.

I got to know him really well in a short time this way, and it was only a little while later that he asked me to marry him. By this time I had a full ride scholarship to Texas that even payed for my housing, and I was still a little skittish from that other boyfriend, but after some praying, and going to the temple I calmed down, and knew this was what I really wanted to do. Besides, by this time BYU had given me a scholarship to their program so I could still go on with school too.

Anyway, that's how we got together. It took a full year, and I had to break his knee to do it, but I caught him.


Kelli said...

ahhh, fun to read.
Maybe I'll post my own story one of these days.

Kira said...

No kidding you were in no hurry to marry. I lived with you for a yaer and NEVER saw you buy groceries. You went out every night. We like Jeff. Nice job on the knees, it was worth it.

belann said...

Also, glad you married Jeff. He's been a great husband, father, and son-in-law. But, I remember the real reason you married him--you thought he looked like Brad Pitt.

CowanTravels said...

Fun story!