Sunday, February 1, 2009

Details details details!

OK here's the scoop, we were able to do the three soups and the three salads, AND do the bread bowls -- which is so cool because there really isn't a disposable bowl out there that looks good. We did get the bread bowls a little late (I contracted them out), so that was a little hectic, and my friends were pulling out the middle of some bowls the last 15 minutes before people got there, and consequently some bowls got a little bit TOO much pulled out of them, and we got coconut soup spilling all over the floor at one point, and I wonder how much longer I can make this sentence? But everything was tabled on time, and looked pretty good, but I forgot my camera. My friend took pictures with her phone for me, but you know how I like to get all "in your face" with my food? Those pictures didn't happen until a lot of it was gone, and it just frankly didn't look so good then. OK, but my platters and bowls needed to come from a friend's house who was in California at the time, but guess who called me back just when I was walking over to her house to see if I could break in? or maybe just look in the windows and sob? Yes. I love her for calling me back while on vacation. Beautiful pewter stuff which I haven't invested in yet. I bought other stuff she uses, so I don't feel too guilty for mooching. So that saved the beautiful table. That's what I mean by going smoothly, things come together for me sometimes like that and I'm so grateful.
The salads were spectacular, so thanks for the recipe Kira, and the soups were great, so thanks Lorraine for the third soup suggestion. The chocolate dipped strawberries were all gone long before I packed up, which is what I expected from a lunch where we were meeting to talk about a new fitness challenge starting Monday.
Fitness challenge: This lunch was for "Sweaty Chix" our new LLC at Omega Martial Arts. Remember how I said we were going to all voting for "best of Utah county magazine" and we won? (second place, but the first was Gold's gym, and it's the first time we've shown up). This was the thank you lunch, and now we're all going to get skinny. Right. No really, we're hoping! If you want to participate, you weigh in once a week, and there's a menu of healthy choice suggestions, and a couple of fitness articles. (I think Wendy wrote one herself, which is cool because she's a real success story herself.) We record everything there at the studio to help motivate each other. I told Wendy and Kristin I've been bulking up so I can really win the grand prize (I don't think there is a prize). All part of the plan. All part of my evil plan. Muahahahahaha!
Seriously, I've been steadily gaining through the holidays, and haven't lost anything this month. Now I've got personal money again (it's February) I can start Myfooddiary again. This is the best thing for me. I learned how to be accountable on here. You ought to check it out if you haven't yet, it's great and so easy to use, and they have the largest database out there of food to enter. I decided I really need a mean person to send my daily report to. Maybe I can post it on here somehow? Is there anyone mean out there that would take my daily reports and rip me up if I screw up? Not my sisters or my mom. Too understanding.
So I also wanted to link you guys to this new blog I found that totally highlighted our "Sweaty Chix". She's called The Lola Letters (this is the link on "sweaty chix" but she mentions my lunch in the current post so go see that too). Really beautiful Girl who is competing in "Mrs. Utah" competition this year, and standing next to her really got me motivated to lose these extra lb's. Really nice writing style too. Lot's of pictures!


Deja said...
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Deja said...

Sounds like it was gorgeous and scrumptious.

Sweaty Chix sounds cool. I wish I could join the club, although you'll never convince me that you belong in it.

(Sorry for the deleted comment--that was me. I had a typo that I could not abide.)

belann said...

Again, the luncheon sounds wonderful. Your right about the Mom and sisters not judging you harshly enough--that's because we think you are just fine the way you are.

Pretty Organizer said...

Coconut soup? I WISH I could have been there... Sounds dreamy.

Hey, Get your camera out again for the big kids storage party on Wednesday the 4th at We need your gifted thrifted ideas cuz! Enlighten us pleeeease!!!

I'll be looking for your post... and if you want to cheat and just repost your closet again... I'm good with that!

Jacobson Five said...

I'm glad I could help with the platters. Sorry I didn't answer the phone in time. Certainly don't want to cause ou stress. Don't worry about borrowing. I'm glad you do, so I don't feel bad when I need to do the same.