Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happiness is a decision.

I've had some not so cool things happen around me lately, and yesterday it really started to get me down. Then it got me down further, and as I thought about those things and worried about them I spiraled down further and further. Part of the problem was Kira's favorite saying "when the world looks black....." I won't finish it for those of you who haven't heard it. Anyway, last night I realized that there was nothing I could do about the things that were bothering me. I could have absolutely no effect on the outcome of any of those things, except to pray about them. I've heard this before, and I'll probably forget this again, but it's OK to leave it in HIS hands. I just asked for help to let go and be happy again. As much as part of me felt it was my duty to suffer during these situations, it's not, and it wasn't helping anything. I was able to be happy today. All day.


Kira said...

I felt it yesterday too, and well... I don't have your problem. It just seems like everyone is going through their own little (or big) hell right now. I had to just block it all out, pray and let it go.

belann said...

I keep praying, but I'm having a hard time letting it go. Good thoughts though.