Sunday, August 6, 2017

Paddleboarding to Los Arcos

Thusrday morning Jeff and I wanted to take the kids up to zipline at El Eden, but they refused to hike up there to do it. Well, forget it we said. We went down to the cove to get a paddle-boarding lesson. I was really nervous about it. My kids had tried it in San Diego and kept falling off --making it look really hard! It wasn't difficult at all. I didn't fall off even once. We had a good teacher, and ten foot boards which I hear are a little easier to balance. We decided that for the price we were paying we weren't going to try to talk the kids into it. We just did a thing for us :) 

After the lesson on Thursday, we got up at 5:00 am on Friday our last day to do a dawn tour (with our instructor) of Los Arcos --islands just about a mile from the cove entrance. It was supposed to be great snorkeling there too, so our guide took our snorkel stuff on his board for us. He also took all of these pictures. Some of them are just fantastic! I highly recommend using him: Paddle Zone if you are in Mismaloya --or if you decide you want to see Los Arcos. His name is Santiago.

 These are the arches that Los Arcos is named after. There are 5 islands, and I think 3 have arches.

 Bats in here!

 The water was just crystal. So clear. We saw these little bio-luminescent algae critters in the water. They were big for plankton --like half a grain of rice --and bright blue! They flashed on and off. We were enchanted.

 We were there in time for the sunrise, and rested a bit.

 Our guide.

 We snorkeled for a while, and were really impressed with the number and variety of fish we saw. We also saw sea turtles from our boards and when we were in the water. This spot is worth an expedition to get to. I am biased and think we had the best way to get there. I felt sorry for the big boats crowded full of people disembarking just as we were ready to leave. 

 It was a great finale to a great vacation.

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