Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tia's prom.

 Late one night, we heard a knock on the door. On the porch was this bouquet of so many dumdums we've shared with every kid in the neighborhood, and still have a bunch left a month later. Inside was an invitation to the prom.
 In Utah it's a big deal how you ask and answer people for dances. We did NOTHING like this in San Diego where I grew up. 

It's also a thing that the entire day is given over to prom activities. We just did dinner at Red Lobster, and went to the dance. Tia's group went to the park at 11:00 for Nerf gun wars and had a great time. The poor kid in front had his date taking the ACT at that time, so Tia said he just kept switching sides to keep it even!

From 2:00-4:00 we were getting Tia ready. My sweet friend let us borrow this dress, and I still needed to spot it a little at the hem, and do some tiny repairs. We did makeup, hair and jewelry. I had a lot of fun. 
But didn't look very prom worthy myself!
This girl was almost more excited for Tia's prom than she was!
Her Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike date finally came to get her.

I got plenty of candids, but forgot to have them pose together ...

and they were out the door and gone before I remembered!

 Her date's nice parents then took a ton of pictures of the group at the park.


It looked like they enjoyed themselves!
 I love this one.

Here they are at the school for promenade. Which I forgot about. We didn't do this in S.D. either!

 Apparently they come out on stage, and they announce them as a couple. 

Good thing I have friends with cameras. Huge mom fail! She had a wonderful time. This kid seems like a great guy. He's already got his mission call to England, leaving this summer, but Tia has had fun getting to know him for now. Goodness she's growing up. It's so scary!


belann said...

So glad I got to see the pictures. She looked beautiful; they made a nice couple. She is growing up fast. Wasn't it only yesterday she got upset when the wind was in her face?

Amara said...

Sure seems like that to me!

CowanTravels said...

Such a beautiful girl!

Shauna W said...

Hello! This is Adam's mom, Shauna. We have a friend in common so she sent me the link to your post. I couldn't stop smiling when I read your post! It's so fun to read from your perspective. We had tons of fun making the sucker bouquet, planning the date (the boys cracked me up about how clueless they were about some planning details) and getting him ready for the night, but not nearly as much fun as it is for a girl! Adam had such a good time with your sweet daughter. I love that the culture here in Utah is for fun friendly dating without all the relationship pressure. Later I wished I would have had Adam tell everyone that all parents should come to the park and have as much fun as we did with the group taking pictures...

Deja said...

She's just knockout gorgeous. Wow.