Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter birthday, and Spring break

 Easter Sunday, we and my parents were the only ones in town, so we got together for a salad bar/egg hunt. 

We added grape juice frozen from my dad's grapes, mixed with sparkling water. The juice itself is so sweet and strong, it's like jam unless you cut it a little.

I could eat this every meal every day and never get tired of it.
But then there was cake!

 Ari was in charge of my cake this year, and did a great job.
 Although for older sisters, sometimes it's hard to watch!

 My beautiful mother.

 After singing and caking, the Easter hunt started. Peacefully at first,
 but then things got a little fast and furious.

 Notice that swishing ponytail?

Oh the anxiety!
 The next day started the kids' spring break. We started with Thanksgiving point. Luckily spring was a little early this year, and no matter if Thanksgiving point SAYS the dates of its tulip festival are later, we were there for some high drama on the flower front.

 We did hit the dinosaur museum after this, but I didn't get any pictures.
The next day we went to the Provo library, which is huge, and housed in this beautiful old building.
Serious reading time!
 We got to the BYU art museum, which was hosting a giant exhibit on origami,

 and finally the zoo on Friday --great weather!


Our favorite thing we saw was this little baby orangutan. Amazingly cute, he had a huge crowd gathered in front of his glass cage, watching him clamber around hanging on ropes and bumping into his mama. 


belann said...

It was nice to see the photos of all of the events that we missed. And, even seeing the documentation of the one we shared. Thanks for posting.

CowanTravels said...

Loved all of your tulip pics. Reminds me of Japan. And, I really want to attend your next salad bar!