Sunday, May 24, 2015


We've had a very rainy month around here. After four or five months of next to no precipitation, it has rained almost every day for the last few weeks. This has translated into some beautiful flowers, and lush green mountains.  The first few pictures are taken on the grounds of the new Payson temple when I took the girls there for a tour of the bride's room and sealing room (where marriages are performed).
It is an amazing building. I've never --bar none --ever seen a more beautiful building inside. 

And the grounds are done in the same extravagent way. This is now the background picture on my phone!
For mother's day, we took some pictures of the kids for my mom's traditional mother's day grandchildren collage.

 Aren't they beautiful?
 We were also the lucky ones who got to pick up all of the flowers to give out to mothers in our church congregation. 
 The entire truck bed was full. I wish I could somehow have kept them all. I like myself a big impact, and all of them together are spectacular. 

 The young men brought them in to give to the mothers during the third hour of church.

They were pretty excited.
  The weather takes little breaks, and last Sunday was perfect to eat outside. Tia was in charge of flowers and I cooked. Ari set the table, and Kai grilled the salmon burgers. He was pretty proud of himself.

 I loved Tia's arrangements and brought them inside for the week. 

 Right now, yard flowers look better than anything you can buy in the store. It's just plush and luxurious around here. 
 Here's my mid week arrangement. I'm so excited to get enough peonies to harvest this year, and I swear a new color of iris showed up in my patch this season. I've never seen the white with purple variety here before.

The rain has made the whole county look like something out of the opening credits to Sound of Music.

I know it will dry out eventually, but right now it feels like paradise. 

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CowanTravels said...

These pics make me miss home. :( I really love the idea of the grandkid collage!