Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gem and Mineral show

When I was little, and my Dad would pick me up, he'd often ask "What --do you have rocks in your pockets?!" I knew he was joking, but often the answer was really yes. I loved rocks, and was always on the lookout for fossils and fool's gold. Maybe that's why I keep taking my kids to rock shops, and museums full of minerals.  This time it was the gem and mineral show down at the Spanish Fork fairgrounds. 

This cute old guy with no teeth had a lot of info to give us, although I think we missed a bit. He was so nice though!

 I wanted you to see "Mr. Bones" up close. A man puts this apparatus on, and walks around in it. That's how it was munching my kids in the first picture, and then is inside here.

 "See this little swirl here? That's a jellyfish!" We always make jokes about how the fossils could be anything or nothing; we just have to trust the experts. 

 Some of these minerals glowed under a black light --first time I've seen this!  We were pretty rushed on this trip, but still had a good time. Kai bought (another) shark tooth, and Ari some rock beads.

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CowanTravels said...

Fun day. Your kids have grown so much!