Sunday, January 4, 2015

Like Christmas morning

 Is there anything better than Christmas morning when you have kids? My kids are older, but it's still my favorite. We don't do a very big Christmas, a few books and small things as presents usually, but it's still so fun to see their excitement. This is calm before the great unwrapping. 
 We read the scripture story of Christ's birth,
and wrapping paper up the entry from the hallway into the front room to keep the peeking minimal.  
 This year especially, everyone seemed like they were in such a good mood. Sometimes the delay makes them cranky, which makes ME cranky, and Jeff feel besieged, but this year was really good. 
 They all made presents for each other, or secretly bought them when riding along on errands with me. That was really fun to see --the consideration for each other.
 Kai tricked Ari with this one, and wrapped it in a huge (undecorated) box. 

I almost always stress out the night before, thinking it isn't enough. My mom and Dad did the same thing they tell me, but I never remember being disappointed on Christmas morning. It's magic. Other parents may not be as lucky, but my kids always seem happy and grateful. If they are disappointed they hide it well. Kai had finished putting together that Lego set by that same afternoon by the way.


Kelli said...

Christmas Eve stresses me out, too. This year Rick was working and it was all me and I worried until 3 am. Glad everyone was happy. It is magic.

SJ said...

I've decided once siblings step into the gift giving, it doesn't take very much on the parent -end. What great traditions you have!

belann said...

So glad you shared. My grandchildren are wonderful.