Sunday, January 18, 2015

Accepting winter.

 I've decided that the key to surviving winter in a cold, dark winter place like Utah, is to find a way to play in the winter. The snow. I'm no skier, --never wanted to spend the money to learn, but last year? year before? Sometime, I started snowshoeing, snow hiking, and snow running in earnest around the canyons and mountains near our house. 
 There's beauty in the snow and darkness that I've gotten more and more emotionally attached to. 
 The blues.
 The crusty frost.

 Jeff and I and some friends went up to Sundance the other night to go owling. The only owls we ran into were in the yurt shown by volunteers, but the snowshoe hike in the dark was spectacular. The moon lit up groves of aspen all on one side, making their trunks glow white. The stars were very clear.

 I tried to take pictures...yeah. My phone isn't the best for that.

 A few days later, we had rain followed by snow. All of the tree branches get coated in powdered sugar when this happens. It's my favorite.


However, this weekend's trip to St. George and the sun didn't hurt my feelings at all.


Meeshab said...

I agree! THAT is the only way I was ok with winter, to fight back. Even a brisk walk at night in the snow got my blood pumping and cheered me up! Shoveling it even

belann said...

You made winter seem almost lovely. I do appreciate a good walk in the cold. Gotta get some of those snow cleats.

Deja said...

This is so beautiful. And I think you must be right

CowanTravels said...

I agree about the cold. I've decided I could do without snow forever. Though, it does make a pretty picture!