Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pike Place Market with Meesh and Brin

My Sister Kira was blessing her baby in Washington, so my other sister and I flew into Seattle to drive over for the blessing. We had a day and a half in Seattle first, and as soon as we dropped off the luggage at the hotel, headed over to Pike Place Market.
The flowers alone were amazing. I didn't feel like I could take care of flowers at the hotel, but Oh I coveted....
The Pike Place piggy bank --they collect thousands of dollars every year to use in charitable pursuits.
I was most impressed with the fresh seafood, which in Utah doesn't really exist. Seeing piles of oysters like this was like seeing gold bullion in person.

Tons of sculpture in and around Seattle. This giant squid hung over an atrium eating area in the market.

When tourists got in for a closer look at this "Monkfish", the seafood guys would pull a wire and make it jump. Poor little Brin jumped about a foot in the air when they got her, and pressed her face into her Mom's leg.
Kai loves these 3D puzzles, I wish I could have bought one of each for him.
The last day we had in Seattle we went back to the market for lunch, stopped at Panier for a Pain au chocolat (so worth the calories!), and went next door to explore Beecher's.
They made cheese in house. Now in Uruguay and rural Utah, I've been near some cheese factories that were hard to breathe around --just a horrible stench, but this place didn't smell at all. How did they do that? I took a video if the cheese makers, and it looks just like something I saw on Sesame Street or Electric Company when I was a kid.


belann said...

Someday I want to go there. The openness of it kind of reminds me of that fish market in Ensenada.

Deja said...

Was the cheese any good? Samples??!!