Sunday, March 2, 2014

Darkness and light.

"Oh look Elaine, the black and white cookie. I love the black and white. Two races of flavor living side by side.  It's a wonderful thing isn't it?"

Spring is bipolar. You've got your dark clouds right next to your turquoise blue. Jeff and I had a 30 mile bike ride followed by a 7 mile run to get ready for Ironman St. George, and I made him ride with me in a 7 mile circuit around our neighborhood for 4 1/2 times just so I wouldn't get caught out in a storm. He couldn't care less, but I have a harrowing memory of a time last summer when I trusted him that "we'll be ok" and we were 12 miles up the canyon when a storm hit and we had to ride back in the rain, wind and traffic. People --that ain't fun on a road bike. It's like wearing church shoes on a wet linoleum floor --you're gonna slip! The sky looked just like the picture above. Maybe rain? Maybe sun? We were fine. I'm still glad I insisted on staying close to home.
 The mountains around here are one of the best things about bike riding. So lovely to watch. Doesn't this look bleak though? Then down in the valley...
Horses are nibbling new grass.

Spring chickens. I finally heard the "egg-laying song" today. I'd read about it in old novels, but they really do cluck a little song. (..and yes I know this is a rooster! The hens didn't get close enough to photograph.)

 Trees are budding out.
 Some people have already trimmed their fruit trees..
..and some people like us are slower on the job.

The poppies are coming up.

I had to show you this thing. Tia would have gone nuts for this a few years ago. It's just an old tree stump, and the people who own the yard covered it with little animals and miniature houses and things. 

 The bees are out and about. So cheerful around here. 
I had a bad night earlier this week, thinking about all of the darkness in the world. There is so much tragedy! So many bad things happen to so many people I just got overwhelmed. I spent some time crying, and looked to the scriptures for some comfort. Finally, I ran into an article my mom recommended to me about a month ago, and it was perfect. It references the scripture D&C 100:12 "continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice;for behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end". The author talks about darkness and light in her life, about our imperfections, and sorrow, and viewing the light, the miracles. One quote I loved was from David Ben-Gurion: "Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist". It depends on where and how you look. 


belann said...

Spring definitely is darkness and light all wrapped into one. And, you are right; so is life.

SJ said...

beautiful. And sometimes I have to make a blessings list just to remind myself of the light.

Deja said...

This is lovely. And I forget that part of spring. You don't get much of the dark part down here. We definitely got in Boston, and the entire city seemed to breathe a sigh of joy in the new season. There's something so beautiful and spiritual about the collective relief.

Kira said...

Love all the pics!

Kira said...

Love all the pics!