Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Fruit and Veggies" (or "How much suffering can a fruit tree take?").

 I've many fruit and veggie plants throughout the yard alongside the flowers.  We're getting quite a few raspberries right now --including some black and golden varieties.
 Here are the onions and beans.  Anyone know why my onions are going to seed the first year?  A couple did this last year too.  I don't get it.
 Carrots, beets and sweet corn...or is that Indian corn?  I can't remember where I put the two kinds.  I guess we'll open it up and look at it when the tassels turn brown.
 Here's my poor poor mulberry tree.  This is also a big mystery to me: every year this tree loses a big section -- I guess to wind.  Why would this be?  I think I'm going to trim it down to a bush next year and then we can sing and dance around it. 
 Look at my callouses jeez!  No, this is one of my mulberries.  They got huge this year and so sweet.  I wish I had the other two thirds of the tree that broke off.  Those branches were full of berries. :(
 I've got this other stupid mulberry tree that I bought from Cook's, but the berries aren't as big, sweet, or as easy to pick.  Annoying that this isn't the tree that breaks!
 Aren't these pretty flowers?  Not worth a cherry tree though.  They grow right underneath my cherry tree, and last year I noticed it wasn't doing so well. I thought it had a bug and tried to get it diagnosed, but nobody knew what was wrong.  I suspected these guys but thought ..naaah.
 Here's the tree this year.  Notice it's only dead on the side with the flowers?  Sigh.
 We should get plenty of white peaches this year though.
 ...and Italian plums.
 ...and tomatoes.
 we'll have plenty of tomatoes!
 My squash may not produce though (I'm starting to realize at this point how boring this post must be to a non-gardener --sorry!).  I could tell it looked like they weren't getting enough water, but the box said they were getting three hours.  I finally figured out my schedules were overlapping and cutting off these guys before they got all of their water.  I hope I get a few kabochas at least before frost. They don't take as long to mature.
 My grapes quickly overwhelmed the support we made for them last year and are seriously out of control again.
As is my herb garden.  Time to cut down the tarragon, lemon balm, and mint.  Maybe I can make some new pestos!  Has anyone tried that before?


belann said...

Gosh, your yard is a virtual garden of Eden. We need to have another harvest meal at the end of the season. We can bring greens and peppers.

Kelli said...

NOT boring to me. I'm quite impressed. Even from my bedroom window, there is much of your backyard that I CANNOT see. hehe. Send all leftovers my way...

Deja said...

How I wish I had a garden. Yours is lovely. (And also yummy.)

Jacobson Five said...

I think it's great that you grow ALL of that. I'll just stick to my tomatoes. I wouldn't know what to do with some of that.
My herbs didn't do well this year. My cilantro, parsely and basil did not survive this year. O-well.