Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Balloonfest and Freedom 10k

 We followed our family tradition and went to the Freedom Festival Hot air balloon liftoff.  This means waking my family up at 5:30 am, and every year I try to roll them out of bed, I wonder why we do this.
 They're still not awake and happy by 6:15.

 But then we saw the Darth Vader balloon complete with storm troopers and other...random characters I didn't know!
 We always love seeing the fire as they're blowing  up the balloons.

 A lot of beautiful balloons along with the novelty ones.  I love how we can walk around between them all.

 Once the balloons lift off they do these races and games "Fox and Hares" I think, but we always leave then. The best part is lift-off.
Today we ran the Freedom Run 10K.  Tia's first 10K. I was so proud of her!  She stopped and walked for 2 second intervals before I convinced her to "just go slow".  She really did great!  I think average we were at about 11 minute miles (that's up from her 15 minute mile average when she started running :)   ).  She's training for the Hobble Creek Half marathon in August, so you'll see more of her on here.  I think we made a runner out of her.


april said...

That reminds me of our balloon fiesta we have every year here.. hope you enjoyed!

Deja said...

Love that first picture of Kai. Classic. I totally know how that look feels. And Ari and T are looking elegant and lovely, as are you. Love Ari's bangs. And go Tia! Go go Tia!

Rachel said...

Fun pictures!! I'm glad you 4th of July weekend was awesome!

And how fun is that that you have children running with you!! I think that is great!

belann said...

Some of my favorite memories are running with my daughters. Cherish every moment. And, we really need to do the balloon fest one year. Looks really fun.

Launie said...

I had NO IDEA that Provo had a balloon fest. Years ago when I lived in Boise they had a balloon fest and I went down to watch the launch, amazing! Remind me next year and I will see if I can't get my Jeff and our girls down there. And...