Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pleasant heat.

 Have you tried this?  You should.  Just one teensy square....I may regret letting this bar come over to my house to play, but Oh my gosh.  Yum.  Not a real strong taste of pepper, just a warmth in the back of your mouth to go with the warm fuzzys chocolate always gives you.  Speaking of Chocolate (yes it IS capitalized in my world), I'm trying to round up some of the usual suspects to go to a chocolate tasting class at Tony Caputo's in Salt Lake.  Here's the schedule. So it would have to be a way out at the end of November --the 29th, or October 11th.  25 bucks.  But have you ever tried the chocolate they've got up there? Holy spumoni. I'll drive.

OK, here's the picture I should be sharing with you.  This is my last week of the CSA produce thing.  It didn't turn out at all how I planned, their produce overlapped all of my own garden's bounty, producing some waste --like I made spaghetti sauce out of heirlooms for crying out loud.  They should each and every one be eaten sliced on olive oil toast with fresh basil chiffonade, but there's only so many I can eat myself!  Anyway, look at the colors there: red orange yellow, green and purple.  No blue food.  Didn't I have a conversation about that with someone recently?  Have you read the Lightening theif? Have you ever tried Coldstone's cotton candy ice cream?  Blue food is sometimes amazing --but not as amazing as that chocolate.  Takers on the class?


Gavin said...

Do you have to pay $25 or do they pay you $25 to taste chocolate? If they pay you, then Erin and I will both go!

Jacobson Five said...

I was the one you had the blue food conversation with, and I have not read the Lightening Theif. I was not saying I didn't like blue food, I just don't think it appeals to people as much as say green or orange.

belann said...

Can't remember if I tried the Chili kind, our favorite is the intense orange. Definitely not the kind you open just for a little taste. Open it, and it's gone.

Sure is sad to see the produce winding down. But, there is next year.

Terry Earley said...

I wish we could commit to the chocolate tasting. --not for lack of desire.

Sounds like fun.

Lee said...

We really should chip in and send Dad with you for his birthday. He would be a great one to go. For me the commute is a bit LONG.