Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally! a stevia I can use.



YES! Finally a Stevia that works. I took the recommendation of a fellow blogger, and finally tried this kind (after HATING the other two kinds above) and it works. If you want a zero calorie sweetener that won't hurt you, and actually tastes good, I recommend this stuff unconditionally. The serving size is 1/4 teaspoon, but even if you quadruple it (like in a blender full of smoothie) you won't taste the bitter. Love it. It also actually makes things sweeter, which isn't really the case with the others (at least with my taste buds). I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, but no, I just like sweet when I'm promised sweet.

In other news, I started the yoga thing. There's a girl that teaches classes in the city next door to us, and I've been going Thursday nights. It is so intense! I really get a muscle workout, and she's so good about walking around adjusting everyone into place, which I really need, since I've got a few wacky joints. I then found a place online that podcasts free 20 minute yoga routines everyday (for free! --I'm all about free): here so I can just do a little on my own everyday I've got a little extra time. I usually do a short cardio sesh in the evening (I'm trying to work off a few Halloween parties), and maybe I'll do one every other night. I don't know. I know yoga may not burn as many calories as a hard cardio, but I really feel I'm getting some usable, functional strength and balance doing it. It just feels GOOD. At least with this teacher, It's a real intense class. Have you ever tried yoga? What do you think? My experience has been that it really depends on the teacher.


Lynn said...

Thank you Amara for the Stevia advise. I have tried it and didn't like it, so have not tried it again. I can't take the bitter. Would rather just not have the sweet at all if it is bitter. I will try these. Thank you

belann said...

I will try the stevia too. Kind of got away from it. I really want to do yoga, but will probably do tai chi just because of my joints. Yoga is supposed to be wonderful for so many things. Hope it does all of the good things for you.

Deja said...

Yoga is better for my brain than anything else. I realized that if I thought too hard about a pose, I couldn't hold it. And that's any kind of thinking: negative thinking, and I'd fall, of course. But the same was true when I thought, "Okay, I can do this! I am so strong and cool!" I just had to DO it. Seems like that's true about everything in my whole life.

Did you see what HEAB says? She lifted and lifted and did cardio like a mad woman, but she didn't get TONED until she started doing yoga. I think you'll like it...

Nustevia is the true church.