Sunday, October 25, 2009

Garden harvest, and Audrey's party.

I pulled in my garden's harvest yesterday, and I was so pleased. We really got a good stand of carrots, beets, and onions. I did the tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, and potatoes a couple of weeks ago, but I was putting off bringing these guys in. They say to wait until the onion tops fall over to bring them in, but they never did, and I was worried they would freeze. I'm hoping they will be OK. It's going to be hard waiting for them to dry out in our garage though. Peeeuw. Maybe I can move them outside on warm days, and back in at night? Anyone done this before?

Lots of beets. I'm excited. I did a variety pack of seeds, so there are golden beets, and the candy striped ones, they should be really pretty roasted. I love beets. Remember the beet cake I made for my harvest dinner a couple of years ago? Beats (ha! no pun intended) carrot cake all hollow.

Bonus --beet greens! should make nice "Cullen Juice" --you know, with the red stems it will make my morning smoothies all bloody looking.... muuhaaahaha!
Look at all of these carrots! It really seemed like we weren't getting carrots this year because they took so long to come up, but when they came they brought all of their friends! It was really nice to have the raised beds this year. For the first time, I had carrots that weren't all twisty and mangled looking.

After I brought everything in, i had to finish my costume for Audrey's party. "Party of the year". Every year someone in our neighborhood hosts a party, and Audrey and Kris did themselves proud. They even had crafts and a pinata for the kids. ...and EVERYONE dressed up! People really get into their costumes around here and I love it.

Here's Audrey and baby Leia, and Lisa. Audrey's whole family dressed up together as Star Wars. I wanted Jeff to dress to match me, but.... you'll see why he didn't.

All the girls were in the dining room talking, while the guys played rock band, and the kids did their thing in the other room.

Here's my costume: I'm "The girl who was on fire" did you read the book? I told Jeff he could be Peeta --(I teased him he could be the Flaming boy :) ) but he went to the BYU game. He'd been planning on it for months, and I didn't realize it was the same night. Communication. Our marriage's biggest strength. Sigh.
Here's the kids. Ari has wanted to be a Goth since last year, we revamped Tia's witch costume for 2009, and Kai was the Alien he's dreamed of being all of his life: "Do not destroy my planet!" he kept saying.
I also was going to tell you I made the granola again with only half a cup instead of a full cup of agave, but it didn't clump together right, so don't try that. Maybe three fourths a cup? Or maybe some pumpkin puree for half of it? Hmmm. I'll let you know. But I made the Oat milk again with only half the oats, and strained it, and it worked great. I know almond milk might be really tasty too, but frankly, oats are cheaper (both money and calories).


Deja said...

I haven't read the book (what book?), so to me you look like Autumn embodied. I like.

Smitten Kitchen's granola theory is that oil keeps it from clumping. She leaves it out completely, at least she did in the granola bars I tried. My granola bars held together great, sans oil, so I may agree. I don't know ... would save calories, too.

I love Kai's alien announcement. And those girls just get more gorgeous.

Deja said...

Oh, and your harvest looks incredible. I still remember that harvest feast I went to at your house years ago. It makes me swoon.

Tia and Amara said...

yeah, only 1/4 cup of oil for 4 cups oats and 2 cups bran, so I don't think that's the main problem although it could contribute. I think I need a little more moisture to start with.

belann said...

With the snow, it kind of made the harvest time speed up a little. Glad yours was so bountiful. The kids and you look wonderful. Where did you get the costumes?

Meeshab said...

You are awesome!!! Hunger games Deja!! Reading the sequel right now. Really slow with Brinlee. I love eggplant. It is my favorite. With eggplant, mushrooms and cabbage, I think I could go back to veggie girl. I love veggies. What a rockin harvest!