Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laate dinner...Rustic tomato tart and Italian chickpeas and vegan sausage.

Didn't get dinner on the table until late tonight, but it was worth waiting for! Rustic tomato tart with whole wheat and cornmeal crust made with Deja's raw zucchini dip as the wet, and sliced multicolor tomatoes from our garden.

Based this off an Italian white bean and sausage recipe, but used soy crumbles, chickpeas, zucchini, red bells, and lots and lots of garlic and italian herbs. Yummy. Dinner was a little heavy though with these two dishes, I probably should have done just one and a salad. I had a salad for lunch at least, and we all had salad for dinner last night with just some quinoa on the side. It's just harder for me to portion control with denser foods. I had to stand up and leave the table while everyone else was still there. Oh well.

On the vegan diet front, I read the critical article written about the China Study that my friend sent me, and the author highlights some jumps in logic that the China Study author made. Honestly, they were nothing major, this was a man in hard science for decades, but he does draw a few personal conclusions. When we looked up the credentials of the guy that wrote the article though, it turns out he only had a bachelor's in history. He also was a member of the "Cholesterol for Health" group, so he may have had his own axe to grind. Don't we all? Take home message: still read the China Study if you're considering it. It is an amazing amount of important info. However, you don't need to be scared that any animal protein will promote cancer in your body. That may not be true. A LOT of animal protein, yes, I'd still say was a bad idea, but this is something we all knew if we're Mormon (see D&C 89. Does "eat meat sparingly" mean eat a little every day? I'm doubting that that counts as sparingly--but make your own decision).

On the totally unrelated news front, I had a breakthrough in my Halloween costume. It's going to be SOOOO COOOL!!! (OK maybe not, but I'm hopeful now.). Love you guys --thanks for reading.


Rachel said...

Wow, Amara I am impressed! You are amazing. I don't think I would have the energy to even come up with the menu, let alone following through with everything.

You go girl!!

Deja said...

Sweet mother of pearl, that looks good! Keep posting, just, everything you eat okay? I need hellllppppp.

Veganmothering said...


I'm Deja's friend from college, saw her blog list, saw the word vegan, mapelton, fitness instructor on your blog and had to check it out! Holy cow, I live in Provo, am vegan, and a fitness instructor. I thought to myself, I need to meet this chick, if she's for real. So, tell me that you're real, that you do really live in Mapleton and if it doesn't weird you out, we must meet! And I teach vegan cooking classes. So, this comment is way too long, but I'm just so excited that perhaps someone like me just may live in the same locale! I've never met another fitness instructor who was vegan, or contemplating it (yoga instructors but not aerobics).

Hope to talk with you soon!