Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cross country --don't cross skis>

I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting to it now I'm afraid. Jeff and I have wanted to try out an area nearby that just opened up a little while ago. They've got groomed trails for cross country skiers, and some sledding hills, etc. We finally went the Monday after valentines when Jeff was off work.

The sad thing is that IN MY MIND I'm a great cross country skier, but the truth is we only get out there once or twice a year, and I seem to have to get my balance all over again every time. This shot was taken right before I fell over on my butt. Just standing there, no hills in sight. Oh well, snow is soft.

Our good friends Lesa and Kevin came too, and for being their first time in years, they were GREAT at it. Kind of embarrassing for ME, but hey, they look athletic right? They go downhill and stuff, so no real surprise. The trails at the resort were kind of limited, but we found the road up the canyon, and it was packed with snow and really fun. That was nice, because we went all around the whole place first and although having the trails groomed was easier, it gets kind of boring going multiple times on the same loops. The road went on forever.

It was also nice being in that many trees again. Up on the Grand Mesa where we go in CO, there are evergreens all around you, and it looks like a chapstick commercial. Here, they are all deciduous, and it's a different kind of beauty. There's moss growing on the trunks, and they're pretty dense once you're off the road, and once again, I guess I just like all the different shades of brown. Notice in this picture I'm BEHIND Lesa and Kevin. I was for most of the time. Jeff was so far ahead you can't even see him. I SWEAR I work out....

I had to show a picture of the "zert". Jeff kept telling us to look for the "zert" on our way up there, and I finally said "what's a zert?". He starts describing it, and I say it sounds like the tent things they have on that mountainbiking trip from Moab to Telluride, but I think they had a different name. Lesa softly says "yurts?". Yurts. Yurts I know about.

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belann said...

Looks fun. Glad you got to go. Wonder if I could do that?