Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ari's speech fair.

We went to Ari's speech fair last night. I DREAD these. Every year they start late (last year was a half hour, last night was 25 minutes late), and have all these teacher/administrator presentations which I couldn't care less about. Then when the kids do their presentations (they have kids volunteer for solo speeches, poems etc., and the classes do something too), I always bawl because Ari doesn't seem as far along as some of them and I'm always worried about if I'm doing enough for her.
Last night was better. Ari has made so much progress the past couple of years I wasn't as insecure. She even wanted to do her own poem, and had half of it memorized, but we turned in our request too late and didn't get in. Just as an interesting side note, did you hear the general Conference talk last October where Elder Anderson told the story of the little deaf girl named Hadley? She gave a speech/poem there last night.
OK this is what I wanted to tell you. There was a little boy there, I think in the kindergarten class who was so scared that when they brought him the microphone for his part he looked the other way, and up at the ceiling --like if he pretended it wasn't there it would go away. They moved on to the next kid. Later, he told his teacher he wanted to do his part so she brought him back up. Then he froze. He was supposed to do "take me out to the ballgame". After a couple of tense seconds the audience of about 150 people --all anxious parents and family of deaf children like me, started singing the song. He sang with us for the whole song. It just made me cry (I always cry at these things though, I guess that doesn't mean much). All of us had been there, where we're trying so hard to help our child progress, move forward, learn, grow. We were all rooting for him, and he did it.


Deja said...

That is a lovely story. Sounds like the kind of thing that belongs in a conference talk. Maybe when you're General Primary President, you can use it. ;)

belann said...

That is a lovely story. What wonderful things you have learned as you have helped Ari progress.

Kira said...

I love Ari. She should have been up there she is not shy :) I think people are happiest when they are helping people through trials. I think that is why the whole thing wasn't awful, you were there to help the little boy. Good story...submit it to the Ensign.

Pretty Organizer said...

You are wonder mom! Good for you. I dread Pine Wood Derby every year. This year we raced 35 kids! of course only 3 were winners and of those three 1 got first place. Little participation medals never quite do it for those hopeful boys who do their best only to be trumped by some kid's car who's engineer dad has configured wood nails and plastic into a prime aerodynamic model of physics.

Hey, heads up on the Toile party tuesday! Will you come link up. If you and Kira do then I won't be alone at the party. I'm a little nervous that I'll be one of those bloggers who posts a party and 2 people link up. Suffering from major dorkitis right now.

Hope to see you there! Love you cuz.