Sunday, March 29, 2009

The biggest dinosaur museum in the world!

I didn't tell you that along with spreading 4 loads of compost in our yard Saturday, and cleaning out half of the raspberry patch, and trimming up the sage and the lavender, and the blue fescue sections of the front, we took the kids to the dinosaur museum up at Thanksgiving Point. I don't know how many years it's been there, but we've been too cheap to do it until now. It was AMAZING! Look at the skeleton we're standing in front of: that's a prehistoric SEA TURTLE. Can you believe the size of it? Why was everything so big before? Blew me away. Don't lookat our creepy devil eyes --I can't figure out the stupid picasa red-eye fixer. I just gave up.

This was one huge room of five or six rooms. We kept getting lost it was so big ---OK, maybe we're just not that bright. Down near the bottom there were these displays of dinosaur eggs which was my favorite thing. I don't know why. One kind was perfectly round, which struck me as strange, but now that I think about it turtle eggs are round too aren't they? Also, there was a whole nest, with the eggs in it, which was really a cast (fossil) of the bottom of the nest turned upside-down. What it showed though was that the mom pushed her eggs into the sand a ways though so they didn't roll away. That was interesting I thought.

Here's my cute girls. I don't know what they are doing except looking cute. We also got to see a dinosaur movie on the IMAX screen in 3D which was awesome. I kept grabbing at the things poking out in front of me. I really caught the dragonfly in one scene. The dinosaurs almost stepped on us a bunch of times. They had this world renown scientist from Argentina in the movie (Dr. Corea), but you know what I think? I think he's famous and respected because he got lucky and found the biggest dinosaur skeleton. Really, I think he was lucky. I had all these professors at BYU that worked really hard, and published all the time, but didn't find the biggest anything, and so aren't really famous, and I don't think it's fair. OK, off the soapbox again.

Here we are in the entryway, Ari was scouting the giftshop (usually my kids favorite part of any museum), but they really liked the rest of this one too. When we left Kai said: "let's go to the dinosaur 'seum every day!" Here below is a video of the girls in the flood plain burying dinosaurs to make fossils, and changing the riverbed to "uncover fossils". At the end, you can see Kai in the background on the computer doing a dinosaur game. Where else would Kai be?


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty neat. We want to go.

belann said...

What an interesting place. Seems like everyone should go. It's the perfect place for a scientist to take her children, I would think.

Kira said...

We will go with Kai again.

Rachel said...

You were so close! Call me next time...I'd love to hang out! It is a really cool place. My kids LOVE it!

Anonymous said...


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