Monday, September 29, 2008

To Vicki Gunther

If by any chance Vicki Gunther is reading this, it occurred to me a little late to get permission to use your poem and its title. I've sent an email to Meridian magazine asking for it, but if you see this blog before I get to you, please forgive me, and to everyone ELSE reading this, the whole name and theme of my blog may be changing soon. Just like me to start a major project with a major faux pas.


Kira said...

You are the girl in a whirl... it fits. I think you do all the things in the poem. Did you know it was supposed to be funny?

Amara said...

Yeah. That's the point. You look at that list and realize you DO try to do all these things and it's impossible. It's ridiculous. I need to put this in the blog description better. Hey -- I'm just starting!