Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kind of the opposite of Snow Canyon: Snow. (and snowshoeing in the canyon).

Last winter we hardly got any snow. I enjoyed being able to get around easier, and not having to shovel the driveway, but it sure made snow hiking and snowshoeing kind of a bummer. This winter we have had El Nino come through with a vengeance, and we have had more snow than I know what to do with! It was particularly beautiful last Sunday morning. I put on my snow boots and went out. 
I actually woke up having a panic attack with all of the things I needed to do for my church calling -- or volunteer position. It was perfectly quiet except for the occasional snowblower, but most people weren't out yet. It calmed me right down.

My friends decided to take further advantage of the storm the next day, and we went snowshoeing up the right fork of Hobble Creek, and up the Kirkman Hollow trail. It was lovely. 

So interesting that the stream was thawed and full of green plant life when everything else was so frozen and dead.
I took a picture to remember this trail. It was so cool.
We had a great group, and now I'm Jonesin' for more. 


CowanTravels said...

Looks beautiful but COLD! I really loved the picture of the tree with pine cones and snow, totally frame-worthy!

belann said...

You're becoming quite the photographer. Beautiful pictures. Sometimes it's easy to forget how beautiful it is.