Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Canyon --with affection.

 We took the four day weekend to go visit Jeff's parents in St. George. We spent the better part of two of the days in Snow Canyon. It's starting to feel like my own personal canyon. Jeff and I toiled up it during Ironman on our bikes, and we have had so many happy days in it on hikes with our family. 

 We all went together the first day, and alternated hiking and jogging. Really fun.


Bird's nest well protected in the cholla.

 These pictures does not do the sunset justice. So beautiful.

 The second day Jeff had to work, so I took the kids out myself on the "Lava Flow" trail.
 Finally we got to see the lava tubes!

 Along the way were spectacular red cliffs.

 Then we would run into these holes in the ground, which were the shells of lava rivers.

 The cooled lava was in all of these wonderful shapes and colors.

 There were rumors of bats in these caves/tunnels, but we didn't see any. The one that had the bats in? Truthfully? I chickened out climbing down into it. I knew I could get down, but wasn't sure I could get back out again. We stood and contemplated going down, and could hear another little girl somewhere inside screaming in terror. That didn't help me be brave. I wished I had Jeffy there to help me cowboy up.

 We climbed up to the top of this look out point.

 On the tippy top!

 I was far more scared watching Kai get to the top than I was going there myself.

We felt bad for Jeff missing this one, but I was glad we seized the adventure.

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