Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gingerbread houses.

 We needed some sort of "Gala" thing to do on New Year's eve. My parents came over again, and we ordered take out Thai, watched Jurassic World, and made gingerbread houses. I spent the morning finding candy (and exploring a new trail up right hand fork of Hobble Creek with snow shoes), and Ari baked all of the houses -- one for each of us. 

We put them together with melted sugar, whipped up some royal icing, and started decorating with the movie going in the background. 

 I'm super happy with how mine turned out, so you're going to have to see a few pictures!

 My poor mom had the worst luck. She started out with her bag of icing not having the tip cut, and it got all over everything which was a bummer, then her gingerbread was probably the most delicious, because it looks like it was a little softer than the others. In the middle it spontaneously created it's own side entry garage. It was sad...but also kind of funny. Murphy's law of houses!

 You can tell this was Jeff's. He slapped on a fruit roll-up, stuffed a gumdrop in the door, and shuffled over to the couch to watch the movie. 
 Ari paved hers in fruit rollups, then added more stuff on top of the rainbows.
 This was Tia's --
 Individually cut shingles! Jeez.
 I loved the front.
 Ummm....made a bit of a mess...
 But we all had a good time.
 Except maybe my mom. She's a great sport though.


belann said...

I had a great time. Thanks for making adequate excuses for my sad house. It's hard to compete against the greatest.

CowanTravels said...

Great houses and fun idea. I think I would sit and eat the decor though. Yum!