Sunday, December 20, 2015

St. George Thanksgiving

For the actual Thanksgiving day, we went to Jeff's parents' house. I brought the food with me, and finished preparing it there. It was dark by the time the food was ready, so these pictures are horribly blurry and dark, but I had to get some pictures of the people I love so much.

 We used grandma's plates that grandpa brought back with him from Japan when the Korean war was ended. They are Noritake I think. 
 We didn't have everyone, but were glad for those who made it.
 THe next day we spent as much time as we could in Snow canyon. I'm going to let most of these pictures speak for themselves. It's a stunning place.

 We hiked cinder cone trail on the outside of Snow. It was amazing how different the scenery was.

 I went to the edge of the extinct crater, and took a picture of my people on the far side.

 But I enjoyed walks around my in-law's neighborhood too.  They are a month and a half behind us autumn-wise.

 The sky was doing amazing things the last day. No filters here.


Meeshab said...

We want to hike around snow canyon!

Meeshab said...

We want to hike around snow canyon!

belann said...

Beautiful scenery. Looks like you had a really good time.

CowanTravels said...

Such gorgeous country that is! I miss home. You got some really great pictures.