Sunday, December 20, 2015

Alpine-glow, fluffy seed pods, and hot chocolate.

 We have been having some beautiful sunrises in Mapleton this month. I love it when the snow on the mountains is pink -- alpine-glow!
 We've been doing all of the usual stuff around here, tree, village cookies. 

 Plus, Kai and I have still been doing our hikes. I took him to Rock Canyon in Provo a couple of weeks ago, just for a change.

 Great views of the valley. 
 Someone decorated a little Charlie Brown tree near the trail.

Kai's favorite part was the abandoned car chassis. Whatever. He was all over that thing trying to figure out how we could take it home.

I liked this vine's fluffy seed pods.

 Coming back out, the view was even better.

 We finally got the bulk of the cookies done, and a big snow storm came through, AND Jeff went out of town. I was feeling in need of comfort, so took the kids to Springville's  Art City Trolley cafe for dinner and hot chocolate (not necessarily in that order of importance!) .
 They gave us a cozy booth, and the waiter took good care of us. The food was (and always is) great, but the hot chocolate was watered down. We told our waiter, so hopefully they fix that for next time. 
 Have I mentioned that hot chocolate is my favorite food?

One last miracle, our Christmas cactus finally bloomed for us yesterday for the first time ever. We have had this plant for like five years. It is a cutting off of Jeff's great grandma's plant, and bloomed on her birthday. We like to think she was sending US a birthday present. 


belann said...

Great reminder of the lovely parts of the season.

CowanTravels said...

Beautiful sunrise picture! That is such a neat story about Jeff's grandmas plant!