Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Little Jerusalem.

 Jeff works with the youth in our neighborhood --our local church's "Yong Men" program. Recently they had an amazing activity. One of the men in our church works for the movie department, and let all of the Young Men, Young Women, and their leaders go out to visit the movie sets where they film movies about the life of the Savior. Lucky Jeff got to go with our girls. 
 They've constructed what looks like a real stone city out in the Utah desert. 

 Jeff took almost 5 dozen pictures. There were a bunch of sunset shots as they arrived in the evening. It made for some pretty dramatic lighting.

 As I looked at the pictures, I saw that a number of leaders brought their other kids. Kai and I should have stowed away too! We had a nice evening together at home, and took a walk together, but this would have been a blast.
 It was neat to see scenery that I recognized, like the balcony where Pilate stood,

 Porticos where the sick were healed,

 Massive temple columns,

 Steps where he stood and preached.

 Fantastic, mind blowing architecture.

 Twisted ancient trees for Gethsemane.

 Seeing what was meant to be Calvary at sunset was particularly poignant.

 Can you make out the dome in the background?  

 It impressed me how much trouble and expense was put into this enterprise. Nothing but the best when filming such an important subject I suppose.

 I'm jealous, but someday maybe Kai and I will have our turn.


Kelli said...

nice picture of my bum.
it was so cool.
glad I took Cole.

belann said...

It does look really cool. Where is this exactly?

CowanTravels said...

Awesome! Is it open to the public?