Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Something special about those littles.

Last Friday, I served as a guide for the open house of our new church building about 8 blocks away. I wasn't too excited about this job, which consisted of standing in a room and greeting people for an hour and a half, but quickly realized I was in for a good time. On a rolling bulletin board, the Primary kids had all drawn pictures of their families. In between chatting with many friends who came through that night, I looked at these pictures and was touched by so many of them. 

Look at this one where the Dad carries the baby on his shoulders. Look at the smiles, the big hands and many fingers everyone has. This kid feels happy and powerful --thinks his family is powerful.

Not a lot of detail in this one, but one thing this child felt important to include was everyone holding hands. So sweet.

The sun is big and hot, there are also clouds to deal with, but this family is awfully close --bet they can handle it all.

Lot of kids in this family, guess who makes the biggest impression on him (or her)?

I also loved these happy arms, thrown out wide to take on the world.

There were other displays in the room that were wonderful. I truly believe this: when the Lord teaches, peace follows. Hopefully what we do in Primary (our children's group), and at home, helps facilitate this teaching.

I thought about treating my children like Christ in this picture (instead of yelling and nagging like I do when they need to do their dishes or clean their room).

Sunday I visited three congregations' Primarys. In the last one the children sang a song about families. They were a little shaky on the verses, but the music leader encouraged them when they got to the chorus: "now I know you guys know THIS part", and they did. Those littles belted out the words:

 "God gave us families, to help us become what he wants us to be. This is how he shows his love, for the family is of God". 
The 3 year old girl in the front row couldn't keep in her seat, and jumped up putting her hand on her chest singing at the top of her lungs the words which she got a little wrong: "for the family's from the heart." --at least her song was. I got a little choked up. 
Something about watching the innocence of these little people and their feelings for loving families can't be substituted for any other experience for me. It's a privilege to be around.


Meeshab said...

Beautiful! You just about made me want back in primary!

belann said...

I agree with Meesha. Beautiful post. I am impressed with how closely you viewed those pictures, and how astute your observations. Made me cry.