Wednesday, August 6, 2014


 We're home in Utah. Some of the flowers waited for me. And the sunlight.
 And the berries! California must be hopping, because our local store finally gave me enough of a deal to freeze our winter smoothie supply.

 Even raspberries, the hardest berry to pick (I always treat them like gold when I buy them --once half a pound went bad because I wouldn't let the kids eat them in time), were practically being given away.
 So satisfying to have my freezer full.
 Nicaragua was beautiful, but Utah is lovely too.
 Especially my own little corner.

 At least three times a year I see families out getting portraits done in front of this old barn.
 Being in a third world country probably should have made me much less materialistic, but I came home and finally ordered these off my wish list.
It's my favorite blue willow plates. I bought some on sale when Tia was a baby, and Kira bought some, and probably Meesha too, and they've gotten destroyed in the mean time. I only had a few left. Now...bring on the dinner parties! Everything tastes better plated on blue.


CowanTravels said...

Not sure if my comment posted.... Oh, how I miss home!!! SO jealous of the berries too!

Meeshab said...

Yum! Berries! Love to collect special dishes!

belann said...

Glad you got the berry deal, and glad you are home.