Monday, April 7, 2014

Strong and Smart. Kind and Beautiful.

 She turned 16 just a little over a month ago. She's still my "Little Tiny" in my mind.
 We 're greatful for the larger than life example she is to her younger brother and sister.
 For the strength and perseverence she uses toward her goals.
 Her speed alone is inspiring.

 My birthday morning she spent hours working on a path of kind notes to make me feel special.
Ending with a treat she'd saved from her personal stash.

 Not to mention the handmade heart garland strung across the great room where she'd posted her card and her brother and sister's cards for me. All of this work just for an old lady's birthday? Who does that?

Someone not only artistic, but smart. Loving, and kind.



Deja said...

This made me feel weepy. What an elegant, gorgeous and good lady that Tia is. Love her.

Kira said...

Can she come train my girls?

Kira said...

Can she come train my girls?

Dawn said...

I know she has been inspired by her lovely Mother! beautiful post