Sunday, April 27, 2014

Buzzy buzzy.

Do you remember a couple of years ago when I wrote this post? Look what flew into my backyard this week! It's fate. It's destiny. It's BEES! I was training a couple of clients and looked out my window. I immediately knew what I had and was thrilled, but first texted my neighbor to see if her whole swarm had tried to relocate --I'd hate to steal someone's flock (herd? bunch?).  Then I told Jeff. I was sure he'd say "no way --too much on your plate right now! you were just complaining last night that you wanted to quit your life--" all true. I did feel like that last night, but that was before BEES! 
 BUT! Believe it or not, Jeff was more excited than I was. He ran over to my cousin's to get back some of my hives I'd lent (since my last bee frenzy didn't go anywhere), and tracked down two neighbors to lend him a suit and advice. (sidenote--do you see this sweatshirt? That's Jeff's High School sweatshirt. Still fits so he still wears it).
 We propped a hive right underneath the swarm and Jeff suited up.

 Funny story, the neighbor who came over to help, recently bought an old ambulance...for a cheap RV option. When he and Jeff went back out to the "camper" to get something, there were 7 or 8 little boys standing around with saucer eyes. When Kai got home from school, he said everyone was asking him on the bus what happened at his house. "Did someone get hurt? Is your mom ok?" Kai just says..."I don't know?"
 Jeff moves over to the tree, and starts pulling them down into the box. Boyd (the ambulance neighbor) tells us they are really gentle right now because they have no honey and no young to protect. 

 I'm surprised it takes as long as it does, but Jeff says they're sticky. Boyd tells us that when they get ready to leave, they "pack their bags" (with honey I guess), and this makes them sticky.

No stings.
In their new home. Of course, then we moved it last night to the permanent location. I went out there today, and there were still a dozen bees buzzing around the old location, confused. I hope they figure it out. Is it weird to pray for help for the bees?


CowanTravels said...

Awesome! Matts parents send us their fresh honey. So good!

Deja said...

So cool! I love all the pictures! I can't wait to taste the honey, and an ambulance RV is really weird.

Dawn said...

I love this story - keep up the bee prayers!

belann said...

Bees are so interesting. Hoping for the honey. And, of course, we can pray over everything. Bees included.