Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Relationship with Ozzy Ozbourne

I went to spin class this morning, and during one of our sprint routines, Ozzy Ozbourne's "Crazy Train" came on. I found I had a just a bit more muscle to push into those pedals.

I haven't always liked Ozzy. When I was in Jr. High, The "Night Stalker" was a very real threat to my peaceful sleep.When they caught the serial killer, my mom told us that he listened to Ozzy Ozbourne and was found wearing an ACDC hat (Just to be clear -- Ozzy happens to be a member of the Church of England, but uses kind of a Satanic showmanship on stage. I meant to just quickly look up the Night Stalker for a link, but that guy was crazy. I just read way more than I should have! {shudder}). All of the kids with dirty hair at my Jr. High listened to that kind of music. So never me! I wouldn't be caught dead listening to that "music that sounds like trash can lids banging together".  Even in High school, although I had no problem with the Cult, and even the occasional Metallica song, I was a Smiths and Depeche Mode girl myself. This made me intellectual, mysterious and poetic versus a drug taking Satan worshiper. Sigh. It's all about judgement and identity in High School isn't it?

But. When I got to college, I didn't have a car. I dated quite a few cars. There was this guy that had a shiny black convertible that I dated the fall of my sophomore year. He was good looking, and from a pretty wealthy Utah Mormon straight arrow family. He reminded me of my second cousin and good friend Jason: a little rebellious in his music maybe, or other little things, but nothing to be afraid of. At that time I had no idea what make a car was --all I knew was that his was shiny and black, and the top came down. We would fly all over Provo, up and down the canyons or old neighborhoods, looking for big piles of golden leaves to speed the tires through so they would spray out on either side of the car like golden orange water. What did we listen to on these drives? Ozzy. Cranked up as loud as it would go. It was glorious. I knew from the beginning I probably wouldn't date him long, but oh! it was fun while it lasted. Ever since I've had a soft spot in my heart for Ozbourne.

 When I married Jeff, one of his songs would come on the radio, and Jeff would say "let's change it before we want to commit suicide", and turn over to something else. There was some study he'd read that said something like that, and for a while I would do the same. I'd feel guilty listening, and change to something else. But when I started teaching kickboxing a few years ago, I discovered nothing would push me through a class like Ozzy, and I've been creeping back in his direction ever since, one trash can lid crash at a time.


belann said...

My music memories are all about association with something else. You captured that.

Deja said...

I love all of those images of you cruising around Provo. And very funny to say you dated quite a few cars. I love that. I need to listen to some Ozzy on my run.