Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Family Christmas

 We had two sisters and their families come to Utah for the holidays and it was wonderful. The only thing that could have made it better would be if my other sister and brother could have made it at the same time.

Macey's store windows were filled with these...what were they? like pinatas MADE out of candy instead of filled with it.

Elephant head

This was like a planet with cities made of candy.

Ice sculptures at Thanksgiving Point

My sister and her husband with the very necessary firepit.

Christmas eve pho-fest

Christmas morning.

All of his gear.

Snow hike with my sister. Dang. Just realized there are no pictures of my other sister in here and it was so fun to have her here too! I love her, but I may love her toddler more right now. We spent a great few days together, but I Christmas eve I had to get some quality time with that little girl. Oh my gosh it was fun. I miss having a little little. I know around 3 am how lucky I am when I can roll over and go back to sleep, but that night seeing her little smile and bright eyes as she turns her head to me waiting for me to say "Oh man!" when she dumps all of the blocks out of the tin for the twenty-third time ...makes me miss little people.


Meeshab said...

Ummmm this post gave me tears. I looved that hike. Hate snow but love these hikes. I can feel my happiness oozing out of the photo.

belann said...

Glad you captured some of the memories.

Deja said...

I'm secretly glad I'm not in the pictures of course. Man I wish weren't crazzzzzy while I was there for Chrismas. I kept wondering where I was in some of these, and it felt like I was sick or sleeping. Basically, yes. But I'm glad you got to hang with H. She really is the most fun I've ever had.