Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter vegan-ish sandwich bar

 I had to put the "ish" because we had to use some hard-boiled eggs up, and we got mayo and cheese out for my brother and sister-in-law, but it was an amazing spread.  My dad made sun-dried tomato and chickpea hummus.  I don't know what recipe he used, but knowing my Dad I think he probably winged it.  We had fresh veggies and baked sweet potato fries, a simple olive tapenade I made using black and green olives and sun-dried tomatoes, my vegan pesto --sorry, I need to post that recipe it's awesome, maybe tomorrow. Also, roasted garlic cloves mashed with olive oil into a spread, and homemade 12 grain bread with flax, chia, sesame, etc. --I also need to post that recipe --eesh. 

 I made Mama Pea's grilled tofu --but used barbeque as a flavoring instead of her marinade --awesome!  So good.  I'm with her:  if you don't like tofu you haven't had it cooked right.

Then I roasted a ton of veggies:  red bell peppers in the oven so I could char and peel the skin, and also red onions, asparagus --oh yes it CAN go on a sandwich, zukes, and yellow summer squash.  I should have taken a picture of Jeff's sandwich.  It was HUGE.  Then we did strawberries with a leeetle bit of ice cream for dessert.  Then I went back and ate a second bowl.  Then I ate some of Kai's Easter candy.  Sigh.  At least Easter's only once a year.


Kelli said...

OK, I'm totally doing tofu tacos for dinner tomorrow night. Except that I am not really eating tortillas. But, I might have to give in, just this once. Where do YOU buy your tofu. My whole fam loves it, I just don't know how to cook it, now I've got some ideas. And those darn chocolate bunnies. I swear, I only brought 2 home and they just kept multiplying and I just kept eating them.

Amara said...

Heck Kelli --they've got tofu in every grocery store now: Wal-Mart; Reams, wherever. If you want the tofu already pressed you can get it in Good Earth I think, but it wasn't hard to press. I just stuck it between two cake pans with a towel and put a canister of salt on top overnight. --and that's what bunnies do -duh. Why'd you get two?

Jacobson Five said...

I don't think I've ever had tofu before. I'll stick to my chicken and beef. But of course all your food looked lovely!

belann said...

It was delicious. I think we all enjoyed it. Thanks for recording the memory.

Terry Earley said...

Fun dinner. Relaxing and a huge egg hunt for just 5 kids.

Thanks for your hummus comment. A pretty simple recipe. I will share.