Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet my Hill.

OK, it's not nine I'm supposed to do today, it's six of hills. Yay --I'm tapering! Makes me feel a little better about NOT DOING IT. The last two days, my feet have felt worse and worse. I'm on my feet a lot lately for catering prep (I'll have to post my practice flower arrangement later), and yesterday late afternoon, it started to turn into a sharp pain at my heel which scared me. I taught a bootcamp - type class yesterday morning, and did some jumping, and calf raises which could have aggravated it. It made me start thinking, I wonder if it's just tightening up too much. I haven't been stretching it out lately. This morning, I did this stretch (I tried to crop out as much of my butt as possible --sorry):

Just leaning forward and letting my heels get as close to the floor as they will. It hurt, but everything felt so much better afterwards, I was able to do my 60 minutes on the stairclimber --my pretend hill. At least there was no pounding on the joints.


Rachel said...

I admire your commitment. You are so fantastic. I miss you! :)

belann said...

Hope you make it through the next week. It's been a stressful few weeks, no?

Anonymous said...

I hope you gain success all the time 0_0