Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sandy wedding luncheon.

This is a week late being post, because as soon as it was over last Saturday, I had to pack up and leave for "Girl's Camp" with my church congregation. I was in charge of the food, and basically it was really stupid of me to take on both right on top of each other. You know me though, and the chance to make beautiful food for a beautiful event is too much of a temptation to resist.

The bride and groom are a young couple; he is the son of a friend of mine, and she is just a lovely girl from the next city over --think Audrey Hepburnesque. They were married in the temple right near my parents' house which was nice for me to have a last minute prep station near the venue.

We started out with an appetizer station for everyone (picture above), because as per usual with these sorts of things, the bride, groom, and photographer arrived quite a bit later than everyone else, and people were ready to eat their hats. Great idea from the groom's mother. Of course being extra hungry always makes the food go over better with a group:)

I did my little crudite basket with Tuscan roasted pepper dip, and also a hot artichoke cheese dip with torn French bread cubes,

But this was the hit. It was an "Italian Torte" which had layers of sun-dried tomatoes, a type of cream cheese mixture, and pesto from my own basil. I pressed fresh herbs around the outside for pretty. That platter was scraped clean.

The main luncheon was then served when the bride and groom arrived. The colors were mauve (ashes of roses ) and burgandy. It's hard to tell with my cheap camera, but the topper on the table is a sheer pink.

We started with Strawberry-wonton salad with candied cashews and strawberry balsamic dressing, and a variety of fresh rolls.

The centerpiece was from my perrenial garden, where my irises were at the height of bloom. I had some the perfect color: a mix of mauve and burgandy.
We also did balsamic roasted vegetables, and a herbed wild rice which I stupidly didn't get a picture of.
Main dish was Lemon-Rosemary Chicken with preserved lemon slices, and a Lemon Rosemary Cream sauce. I thought when I made it the other night it could really use some sort of sauce, and so used some marinade as a starter for this sauce. I think it went over much better.

We waited to put out the brownie assortment until the last minute, because people were eating them before lunch started, and so I didn't get any pictures. I'm so bummed because they turned out really cool! I did Raspberry White Chocolate (raspberry jam and white chocolatew chunks baked into the brownie, and topped with the same, and fresh raspberries at the last minute); Andes mint (chopped Andes mints baked into the base, and topped with from scratch chocolate icing, and more Andes mints); Turtle Pecan (pecan brownies topped with chopped chocolate, pecans, and from scratch caramel sauce); and Pecan Coconut Blondies topped with pecans, and caramel. Just imagine for me OK? I made myself sick eating edges and toppings, so I can assure you they were good.

I just got back from girl's camp Friday afternoon, and Jeff and I took a night together in a hotel. We got back this afternoon, and I'm thinking I could use a good long break from everything. I do have the race coming up this weekend, but until then, you can find me puttering around in my garden. Yum.


belann said...

What I saw of the spread was beautiful (as usual). And, although I didn't get to taste the brownies, I did get to see them. I'll bet there weren't any left. They were absolutely luscious even to look at. You definitely deserve a rest.

Deja said...

Well, I'm glad you survived! And so beautifully, too. Rest away. And wow, it was kinda hard to even read that paragraph about the brownies and not put one in my mouth. I bet they were incredible.

Jacobson Five said...

Of course everything looks fantastic as always. Way to go! And good luck with the race this weekend.

Meeshab said...

Yummy! Ouch!

Terry Earley said...

There must be some of these you could share with us, Balsamic veggies sound good. --of course the dips and chocolate sound delicious as well.