Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cardio Party

I taught my first class last night at BYU. SOOOO fun! Decent sized crowd for a first class, and they were all whooping and counting with me and everything. I couldn't stop smiling. Then I had to get up early to sub-teach at UVU for a friend of mine, which was her first class of the semester, and -what the? The students all came in street clothes. I felt kind of bad for them and asked if they wanted to run and grab some PE issue before we started, but they all said they were fine --we're talking sweaters, and hats and earrings --I'm not kidding. OOOKAYYY. So I went through basics with them and then did like 20 minutes of real cardio. They signed up for it right? They were pretty good sports though. Nice people.

Today I run downstairs to check on Kai and his friend because I heard some clunking noises that sounded ominous. Kai is on the unplugged treadmill with weight lifting gloves on his feet, pushing the belt around , and his friend is on the stairclimber clunking down on one side and then another. Cardio's for everyone I guess.


Kelli said...

street clothes? whatever.

belann said...

Maybe street clothes for PE is the norm there.
Kai has two good examples.