Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cochlear Kids Camp

Hi, this is Tia, my mom's outside in the yard and didn't want to come inside and type all of this up, so I'm doing it for her (it has been a month, and I thought people needed something to read on here, I read it too). The picture above is of us at the cochlear kid's camp shooting bottle rockets. One boy's rocket blew up, we think it was because the bottle was too small. Fortunately, another older boy about my age gave the boy his rocket to use. When it shot up, it spiraled!
This is a picture of me standing close to a bull elk, next to our cabin. I saw it three different times! once by the parking spot, once here, and once a little while after, when there was about ten altogether!My mom and I had just gotten back from a nature walk, where we were the only ones there, before we left, my mom needed something sugary (she was on vacation), so that's why I'm holding skittles. I got the lemonade when we got back.
This is right after Kai's rocket launched off. I don't think we actually got one of a rocket up in the air. We got a video, and they went super high, but no picture.

This is Ari, waiting for her turn, you can see her "evil eye". That's because when we were leaving from a day camp for all of the kids while the parents were at a meeting, Ari's group (eight and nine year old girls and boys) were doing face painting, and we didn't have time for the one she wanted. It was lunch time, and we didn't want to be late. So the guy that was doing it, just drew a big black circle in the middle of her face, my mom drew a few squiggles around it, and called her a Chinese dragon. Then she was happy (she loves everything to do with China, except that sometimes the food they eat has mushrooms in it).
This is Ari, after the horseback riding. Her horse, Scarlet, kept bending over and eating grass. Ari kept yanking with two hands on the reins, as hard as she could, but the horse wouldn't stop! Finally, a ranger had to tie Scarlet to the trail leader's horse. At the end, one of the rangers gave Ari a painted horse shoe (not used, they had some in the gift shop too) with Scarlet and '09 on it. After that, Ari kept saying "My horse kept getting big into trouble!" with a surprised look on her face, as if to say, can you believe it?!?!
Here's Kai and my dad on their horse, Bubba. It sounded like they were having fun (I was behind them), but when it was over Kai said he didn't have fun. I was surprised, since I had had a great time.....
My horse was named Gipsy, and she was beautiful, gentle, and was perfect. She seemed to know what step was right to take, and I hardly needed to look at the trail, and where to go! I almost even fell asleep (one little boy that went before us did)!
Here we are, prepared for any weather, ready to go. The horses finished their last-minute-peeing, and I was a little nervous, for no reason. But I got over it a few minutes after we started.
This is before we even started. The first time we had come up there, it was pouring, and our dad had the van, so we had to walk. Fortunately, it only rained after we got there. The phones didn't work that far up, so we just walked halfway home when our dad didn't pick us up, and we ended up going back up there and missing rock wall climbing. It was fun anyways. Here is the video.


belann said...

Hey, great job Tia! I really wanted to hear about the camp, and you did a great job describing it for everyone. Sounds like it was really fun.

Terry Earley said...

That camp sounds like great fun, even though Kai denied it was fun to ride the horses.

You are becoming a very good writer, Tia.

Lynn said...

Nice job Tia. You need your own blog. You do a nice job of writing.