Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bear with yard is in bloom!

I was planting irises my neighbor so generously shared with me (enough for 5 big clumps around my yard --thanks Kelli!) and needed to record the summer blooms for posterity (or for if we ever try to sell our house). Love Hostas --this is the only spot front or back where they seem to do well though.
I got some dusty miller last year as an annual, and have really hated the blooms on them in the past (why did Heavenly Father make them YELLOW when the foliage is grey? they don't match themselves), but this year let them go. If you fight them they keep putting up more and more until you give in, and I don't think they are so bad anymore. Bright spot at least.
The Butterfly bushes are all coming into bloom. I bought three originally, but the bushes from the neighbor behind us seeded new bushes into my backyard (thanks Lorraine). Four of them were perfectly placed and I saved them. Free bushes! woo woo!
The lavender is at its best right now too. I once house sat for a lady who's whole garden was just lavender, and raspberries. She had her priorities straight.
The front of the house. Love that Russian Sage. It does so much and asks for so little.

There are the free daylilies (thanks Bonnie and Dad) and my little strawberry patch. This little patch produced two flats of strawberries in one picking, and I made four batches of jam. Plus it supplies my kids and all the neighbor kids for all of June. Not bad for a park strip with no extra coddling, and started with free plants from a vacant lot. Kelli and I decided a plant is MUCH more desirable if it's free. My family motto since I can remember has always been "if it's free I'll take two".


Deja said...

It's just gorgeous, Am. I like when you said it doesn't match itself. I feel like that sometimes about my own self.

But I actually think the grey/yellow ones are lovely. So maybe I don't know.

belann said...

Beautiful. Every year it is more amazing. I hope that doesn't mean it is time for you to move--unless it's closer.

Terry Earley said...

What fun. This is the time you remember when you are cleaning out in the Fall.