Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy hope of America

Tia's in 5th grade. In Utah county, that means she's automatically in the Hope of America show in the Marriot center at BYU. Tia wasn't excited about it. I wasn't excited about it. Jeff said "why are you going then?" sometimes husbands don't get it. I tried that Karl G. Maser quote on him "but ask me to keep my word and draw a chalk circle around me..." (how does that go? I just remember there was always a chalk circle drawn around the Maser statue when I walked by it drawn by some clever freshman) but the whole commitment thing has never been a huge issue for Jeff. he doesn't commit to things unless he's sure he wants to do them. Me? (and now Tia too apparently) I commit to everything and then bellyache about them the whole time. Anyway, Tia felt they were counting on her, so we went. First I took Ari to speech therapy right near there, and then we went. What this means, is that from 4:30 until 9:00 we were at BYU sitting around. Kai was bouncing off the walls by the end of it, and even assaulted some guy in the row in front of us at one point (just started hitting his head and rubbing his hair --I just looked horrified and kept saying I'm sorry to the guy -- and put Kai in the "Mom straitjacket" for the next 10 minutes).
It was kind of cool looking I admit though --just like the "living flag" in Lake Wobegon, but with t-shirts instead of hats. Billions of kids. It seemed like. But the waiting for an hour and a half (no kidding!) to start, and then far too long a program, was not cool.
But yeah, when they all put their hands up at the same time, and did stuff in unison, it was amazing. I should say at this point, that Tia freaked out halfway through with the big crowd, and I had to come find her in the flag and leave 3 songs early. I wasn't sorry to miss the traffic snarl coming out of there.
I loved the big kid chorus, but this was my favorite part of the show: Jean's Golden Girls. About seventy of these ladies, all over 50, and they were so sharp! Really well trained. They looked fantastic! One of them was 92 years "young" and did a dance solo at the end. The whole stadium was packed with parents of the kids, and everyone was on their feet stamping and whistling for this lady. Loved it. (but not looking forward to Ari and Kai's turns.)


Deja said...

How did you know T freaked out? Good girl for making it so long. I would have freaked long before. And I love that Kai story. What a kid.

Amara said...

Tia's teacher called my cell. I didn't even hear it ring. I checked it later to see what time it was and saw his message.

belann said...

Sounds kind like another "if life gives you lemons" post. The Earley's and the Bray's that we know were never much for crowds--especially huge crowds. We totally understand Tia.

Lynn said...

I agree, don't like the big crowds either. Never have. But I don't like clowns either, so go figure

Jenifer Pullman said...

Hey! My son's in fifth grade - and guess what? This is the first I've heard about "Hope of America" this year. I have two older daughters who did it, so I totally know what you're talking about. Hated it both times. Dreaded it coming once more - and now - gift from the Gods? We missed the whole thing somehow? My son's teacher deserves to go straight to heaven.