Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two salad weekend

You guys are probably sick of catering posts, I've just had a lot (for me) of jobs lately. As they consume my ENTIRE life for the duration of the planning process, until they are over, that's all I think about really. This weekend I had a luncheon/party for a girl who graduated summa cum laude from UVU on Friday, and then a wedding reception last night. I've got the reception pictures up here first because blogger uploads BACKWARDS (which is annoying to say the least).

This was an interesting reception. The groom was Chinese, and there were all of these ceremonies and things honoring the family, etc. Really neat. We did a light buffet menu: Fruit towers, strawberry spring greens salad with the strawberry balsamic dressing, bruschetta caprese with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes, with my own lemon herb vinaigrette, and phyllo shells with lemon-vanilla cream, fresh berries, and a white chocolate squiggle.

This was kind of a fun centerpeice. They were doing key limes in hurricanes for the tables, so I kept the citrus theme, and did lemons on the main table.I also used white lilacs (free from a friend, and a local park ssssshhhhhhhh.).
Here are the phyllo shells. I thought they turned out really good tasting, I was a little disappointed with the filling not setting up firmer than it did, but they still looked OK. I was also worried theat this was the only sweet thing on the menu, and was afraid we wouldn't be able to keep our platters filled, but the bride's mother let us serve cake from the very beginning of the reception, so that was OK. These take a little time to put together.

These are the pictures from Friday's lunch. UVU's colors are green and yellow (just like Lemon Grove Junior High :) ) so I used white lilacs, and oregon grape blossoms. I feel so lucky these were in bloom right now. For this menu we did the same as my Tae Bo lunch that I posted on recently. Funny, at that lunch every one filled up on salad, and we had lots of soup left over, but at this lunch it was outside, and a little chilly, so everyone ate soup, and we had salad left over. Go figure. Sometimes it's hard to plan these things exactly right.

I also did an entire flat of chocolate covered strawberries, and although we only had a group of fifty or so, there wasn't even one left. That DIDN'T surprise me.


Kira said...

Maybe I should have you do strawberries for Savannahs blessing....who really NEEDS rice?

Anonymous said...

Amara makes some good Spanish rice though. Oh yeah, nice catering spread.

Deja said...

I like the squiggles. Mmmm squiggles. Everything looks gorgeous.

This chick got a fancy luncheon for graduating?!

belann said...

I'm always amazed at how pretty you can make the food. The other amazing thing is how wonderful everything tastes. I think it is because you try so hard to make everything fresh.

Kelli said...

it all looks so good. the reception was fun. I just got done making jam. thanks.

Jacobson Five said...

Everything looks amazing. I'm glad they turned out well. I'm sorry I missed out on helping. Next time. By the way, we do not get tired of seeing your catering posts, who would get tired of seeeing pretty food.