Sunday, January 21, 2018

A winter storm and "Wit and Whimsy"

 Brenda and I scurried up the canyon as soon as this last storm hit. The snow was all still in the trees, outlining the black branches in white. Spectacular lacemaking.
 It is so strange to see trees and bushes that are so dark, and then to see the golden grasses still poking through the white. 

Aspen was the lucky dog (literally) that got to go hiking with us. I love taking Brenda's dogs. They make the hike ten times more fun because they are so happy! She was just ecstatic running up and down the trail and crossing up the hill and down the slope --she hikes 4 or 5 times as long as we do.

 Her fuzzy coat collects the snow like a bumblebee collects pollen. By ten minutes in she had her tummy and back of her legs coated with little snowballs. I wanted to take a  closeup picture, but thought it would be a little weird.

 There was some artist in the 80's (or 90's?) that did these pictures of the forest all snowy. When you looked close and searched you could see the figures of Indians on their horses flying through the trees. I kept thinking of those paintings. Bev Doolittle. That was the artist.

 Later on, while making dinner, I glanced up through the windows, and my backyard was blue blue blue! So gorgeous. Soon it was night.
I talked my kids into heading to the Springville art museum with me earlier in the week. Most of the museum was closed off because they were setting up the high school artist exhibit, but upstairs they are running "Wit and Whimsy: off the deep end". This show was right up our alley. The artists created lighthearted art, but showcase some deeper ideas through it. I loved this artist the best: Sophie Soprano. Her art was just warm and comforting to me. 

 Cassandra Barney

 Marcee Blackerbee --these were collections of found objects, and some were almost disturbing. All pieces were fascinating.

 Andrew Ballstaedt --all of his were monsters, but had some serious messages too. This one was my favorite: "I'm afraid but my mom is praying for me".

 Steve and Tonya Vistaunet. This couple created adult coloring books too, but I was taken with the cartoony pieces where he explores what is happening inside his head. 

We didn't have enough time there --we never do, but in some ways winter is nice in that it gives you a little more motivation to explore inside activities. We get to the museum more often in the winter I think. It reminds me of shopping ---but better. You get to look at all of these beautiful things and imagine and experience them, spend time with them. All for free! I am always uplifted and in a better mood after going to the museum.

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